Best Data Entry Software in 2023

Learn more about what data entry software is and discover the best data entry software for your business.

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May 28, 2024
Best Data Entry Software in 2023

As per Zaiper report, around 76% of people spend around 3 hours moving the data from one place to another. Furthermore, 83% of people spend time on fixing mistakes from these manual tasks. In order to minimize human error and save time, businesses begin to integrate automated solutions like Data Entry software into their workflow. In this article, we will learn more about what data entry software is, how you can benefit from it, and provide a list of best data entry software to try in 2023 to eliminate manual data entry.

Data entry software is a tool designed to take data from a specific source and input it, after necessary transformations, into a designated database or software application.

If your business receives invoices regularly, data entry software can swiftly capture the pertinent information from these invoices and then update the paid invoice details in a system like Quickbook, all without manual intervention.

The beauty of data entry software lies in its ability to simplify and automate what many consider the most mundane aspect of their job: manually moving or replicating data from one platform to another.

Though using a computerized spreadsheet may seem more advanced than jotting down data in a physical notebook, both methods have their limitations. This is where data entry software shines. It streamlines and automates those monotonous, error-prone tasks.

But with a lot of options available in the market, how does one decide which is the best data entry solution?

This article will guide you through a comparative analysis of the best data entry software, helping you find the best fit for your organization.

Businesses can benefit from adopting data entry software in several ways.

Error Reduction: By automating the process, a powerful data entry software minimizes the chances of manual errors, ensuring high-quality data that you can trust.

Enhanced Accuracy: Before importing data into systems like an ERP or other core business programs, the software ensures its validity. No more worries about inaccurate or incomplete information sabotaging your operations.

Boosted Efficiency and Clarity: Say goodbye to messy workflows and clutter. Data entry software digitizes your documents, making them accessible to authorized personnel from any device. No more lost hours searching for that one document.

Cost Savings: The cost benefits aren’t just about direct savings. Think about the reduced overheads—no more bulky filing cabinets, decreased dependence on printers, and fewer resources spent on organizing paper files.

Time-Saving: Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced business world. With a data entry tool, tasks that previously took hours can be executed in a matter of clicks.

Google Document AI taps into the power of machine learning and natural language processing, offering users an automated way to process a myriad of documents. Under its hood, it leverages deep-learning neural networks to accurately identify characters, text, and images across a whopping 200 languages.


  • A straightforward interface ensures users can navigate with ease.
  • Makes informed decisions based on document data.
  • Boosts workflow efficiency through automation.


  • Customizing existing libraries can be cumbersome and require expertise.
  • Missing some advanced functionalities.
  • No support for Python among other languages.
  • The API costs can add up quickly during initial setup.

FormX is an Intelligent Document Processing solution that leverages OCR, machine learning, and advanced language models to help businesses automate data extraction from various documents and convert them into structured data formats that are ready for direct import to other software or further processing. FormX is not just about inputting data; it's about understanding it. Whether you're dealing with multilingual documents, varied formats, or complex structures, FormX ensures that every piece of data is captured, categorized, and comprehended efficiently. With FormX, businesses can delve deeper into their data, ensuring that insights are always at their fingertips.


  • Powered by Machine Learning & Large Language Models: FormX goes beyond the traditional data entry software that’s often rule- or template-based. It can learn from past tasks and more sample images to increase the data extraction accuracy.
  • Seamless Integration: Whether you're using an ERP, CRM, or any other business tool, FormX integrates seamlessly, ensuring a smooth workflow.
  • Multilingual Mastery: With support for multiple languages, FormX ensures that you can tap into global data without any barriers.
  • Enhanced Data Extraction: With the ability to extract from over 150 different data fields, FormX ensures a holistic understanding of each dataset.
  • Zero-Training Extractor: A new extraction model, or extractor, can be trained with as little as one sample with the help of ML and LLM.


  • Integration has to be done via API for now.

Targeting small businesses to large enterprises, Docparser presents itself as a comprehensive document management solution. At its core, it employs an effective OCR engine for document parsing. Additionally, it boasts pre-processing features like image manipulation and auto-rotation.


  • User-friendly platform.
  • Works well for extracting data from templated documents.


  • No direct phone support.
  • Costs can skyrocket with larger batches.
  • Struggles with unfamiliar document types.
  • Dependent on image quality; could improve in fuzzy matching.
  • Limited accuracy in recognizing handwritten text.

FastField offers a unique spin on data entry, providing a customizable solution designed to replace manual processes and paper systems with dynamic digital forms. The end result? Significant time and cost savings. At its essence, FastField facilitates the collection of data on mobile devices, while also dispatching agendas, evaluations, and work orders. Additionally, the software stands out for its white-labeling services and in-built dashboard.


  • Detailed access controls and permissions.
  • Advanced search and filter capabilities.
  • Integration with third-party platforms.
  • Alerts based on set conditions.
  • Detects abbreviations.
  • Mobile surveys and a survey builder.


  • Starting at $20 a month, FastField offers a free trial for prospective users.
  • Can malfunction sometimes

Catering to diverse sectors, including finance, healthcare, and legal, Grooper emerges as a robust document automation and processing platform. It effortlessly processes and extracts data from various sources, ranging from MS Word documents and PDFs to emails and other digital files.


  • Brimming with features.
  • Minimal downtime.
  • High-quality image recognition.


  • The user interface feels outdated.
  • Navigational challenges.
  • Frequent inaccuracies in OCR results.
  • Not ideal for small businesses.
  • Requires programming knowledge for optimal use.

Setting itself apart with its user-friendly interface, Form Tools is a free data entry solution that doesn't necessitate prior coding experience. With its diverse range of features, users can create, manage, and visualize data seamlessly.

Not just that, Form Tools allows you to curate customized forms – be it for specific users, for direct website integration, or for housing data. And if you're keen on further customization, you can even develop your own module!


  • Web-based functionality.
  • Online support.
  • Customizable user accounts.
  • Comprehensive data management.
  • Plug-and-play modules.
  • Absolutely free


  • Can limit the use due to being free

GoCanvas stands out as a simple, secure, and efficient data entry solution tailored for diverse industries, including retail, healthcare, and construction. With GoCanvas, creating mobile forms, filling them on-the-go, and sharing PDFs with stakeholders has never been easier.

Bid farewell to the challenges of illegible handwriting and the inefficiencies of lost paperwork. Plus, GoCanvas offers desktop accessibility through its Desktop Client and boasts compatibility with numerous third-party applications. However, some limitations include the inability to capture paper or images from certain devices and the absence of OCR functionality.


  • Mobile payment functionality.
  • Streamlined workflows.
  • GPS integration.
  • Conditional data capture.
  • Dispatch features.
  • GoCanvas provides a tiered pricing model with Business, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Prices start at $45 per user. All plans offer a free trial and are billed annually.


  • Can get expensive

Seeking an uncomplicated way to automate data entry and efficiently handle company-specific details? Enter MoreApp. This software solution grants you the capability to fashion a broad spectrum of digital documents, ranging from reports and inspection sheets to work orders. With its Form Builder, design any digital form that your heart desires.

Incorporating widgets means specific data fields can be seamlessly added to your forms. More so, MoreApp smoothly integrates with a plethora of apps, databases, and common tools such as Google Sheets, Word, and Excel. Such integrations facilitate form pre-filling, further streamlining your process.

Accessible on both PCs and smartphones, your customers can conveniently engage with all your forms, while the mobile app ensures on-the-move data entry. MoreApp's distinct edge makes it an indispensable data entry tool.


  • In-built conditional logic
  • Comprehensive data management
  • Refined user permissions
  • Pre-populated forms
  • Starting at $35/month, MoreApp also offers a free trial.


  • Can get costly

What makes Infinity standout amidst the vast ocean of data entry software? One word: Flexibility. With the power to entirely tailor the system to meet your specific business requirements, Infinity ensures you extract maximum value.

Infinity's system lets you define customizable processes and frameworks. Its unique board system in your workspace can be tweaked to perfect your data flow. The depth doesn’t stop there. Get into data management by categorizing items into folders, subfolders, and tabs, and employ over 22 distinct attributes to aid in efficient data handling.


  • Regular automatic data backups.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Clockify, Trello, and Zapier.
  • 50+ ready-to-use templates.
  • Customizable access control.
  • Real-time activity monitoring.
  • Customizable data views.
  • Task delegation and tracking.
  • Six diverse data view options.


  • Learning curve for beginners

Nintex RPA, a cloud-centric solution, has been designed to infuse automation into manual processes and data-related tasks.


  • Foxtrot empowers users with unmatched flexibility across diverse networks.
  • An intuitive user interface that's beginner-friendly.
  • Prompt and insightful customer support.


  • Licensing can become pricey, especially with multiple forms and workflows.
  • Limited data integration capabilities.
  • Template functionalities may demand rigorous testing.

DataFlow Pro emerges as a significant contender. Designed for businesses that are looking to optimize their data management tasks without the usual complications, this software brings together a myriad of features under one user-friendly interface.

If your organization constantly juggles between various forms of data, this software’s multi-format support will undoubtedly be a game-changer. From spreadsheets to cloud databases, DataFlow Pro ensures seamless integration, retrieval, and storage solutions. The real magic lies in its proprietary algorithm that detects errors in data entries, ensuring the utmost accuracy and saving hours of manual checking.

One of the highlights is its robust collaboration feature. Teams can work simultaneously on data entries, with changes getting synced in real-time. This not only saves time but ensures that everyone is on the same page, quite literally.


  • Intuitive user interface makes it accessible even for non-tech users.
  • Robust security features ensuring data confidentiality.
  • Offers extensive third-party app integration.
  • Quick and responsive customer support.
  • Free 30 days trial


  • Might be a bit overwhelming for smaller teams due to its extensive features.
  • The pricing could be on the higher side for startups or small businesses.
  • Requires a good internet connection for optimal performance due to its cloud-based nature.
  • Starting from $50 per month,

Today, the demands robust and efficient data management tools to ensure businesses operate smoothly. The market offers a plethora of solutions tailored to diverse needs. Each of these software solutions carries its own strengths and limitations. The trick lies in recognizing one's business requirements and matching them with the right tool.

By integrating the right software, businesses can not only streamline their processes but also drastically reduce manual errors, save time, and improve overall efficiency. Before making a final decision, it's advisable to take advantage of trial versions, compare features, and consider long-term scalability. The right data management tool can truly be a game-changer for modern businesses.