Address Proof

Address Proof

Automatically convert images or PDFs of address proofs to structured data to speed up your address verification process.
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Extract Data from Different Address Proof Documents

A variety of documents, each with its own layouts and formats, can be used as address proofs. Machine Learning allows us to recognize different address proof documents and extract the required data fields for address verification.
Telecom Bills
Bills issued within three months by communication service providers that clearly indicate the current address and full name of the person.
Utility Bills
Utility bills include water, electricity, and gas bills issued within three months.
Financial Statements
Bank statement or other financial statements issued by banks not older than three months.
Government Issued Documents
Any government issued document containing the issue date, the person’s full name and current residential address.

Intelligently Process Proof of Address and Extract What Is Needed

FormX does more than just extracting texts from different proofs of residence. Powered by OCR and machine learning, our solution recognizes different address proofs, optimize images for extraction, and convert them into structured data that can be directly used by other software for you to automate KYC processes.Easily extract data fields needed to verify address, including but not limited to:

Automate Address Proof Data Extraction to:

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Improve Operational Efficiency
Replacing manual data entry with Address Proof OCR allows you to speed up address verification process to deliver faster customer service.
Reduce Processing Costs
You can significantly reduce processing costs related to manually extracting data from address proofs with
Eliminate Human Errors
Spelling, grammar, or even punctuation mistakes associated with manual data entry can be avoided as can generate results with high accuarcy.

Automate Invoice Data Extraction with OCR & ML

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Address Proof Recognition and Extraction API
How does your Address Proof Recognition and Extraction API work?

By leveraging the power of machine learning and other AI technologies, FormX can recognize different address proof documents, pre-process it for extraction, extract the texts, and return strctured data, in the form of JSON or csv files, for further analysis or processing.

What kinds of address proofs can FormX process?

FormX can recognize and extract data from utility bills, telecom bills, financial statements, and other documents issued by the government for businesses to verify their clients’ address and prevent fraud. New address proof extraction models can be developed upon request.

How will FormX handle the extracted data? Will the extracted data be used by FormX?

To protect your data, FormX will not use your documents or the extracted data in any way. Any processed images or files for aynchronized API calls aren’t stored by FormX in any way.

What are the pricing plans of FormX?

FormX provides free trial for users to test out our features and process the first 100 pages for free. For monthly subscription, our Starter plan costs USD $299 / month, allowing you to process up to 3,000 pages. For enterprises with more documents to process, you may contact our team for more detailed discussion.