Empower Your Retail Business With empowers your retail business by enabling data centralization for multiple points of sale. Improve the accuracy of your customer purchase data analysis with our platform.
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Online & Offline Shopping Makes Purchase Data Tracking Difficult

With's loyalty program solution, you can automate the receipt submission process and centralize customer data in one place.

Easy Extraction of Invoices & Receipts

With LLM support, enables you to extract data from invoices and receipts submitted by customers. This helps you easily track purchase behavior and intentions of your loyal customers.

Deploy to Drive Success in Your Insurance Business

Don't miss out on a proven solution like and experience a return on investment within three months.
Automated Loyalty Program
Enable self-service for users to submit their receipts and streamline the point-earning process.
Accurate Product Recommendations
Centralize customer data from multiple points of sale to ensure ultimate data accuracy and make the right recommendations.
Minimum Training Samples for Your Extractor
To ensure the highest quality, you can further train your own extractor with your own data, and we don't require a large amount of data samples.