Bank Statement Converter

Free online converter powered by AI to convert your PDF bank statements into structured data formats like Excel, CSV, or JSON.

How to Convert Your PDF Bank Statements Into Excel, CSV, JSON

Step 1.

Upload PDF Bank Statement

Select native PDF bank statements or PDF containing scanned images of bank statements to upload. You can also drag and drop your bank statements into the upload box.

Step 2.

Convert to Structured Data

With the power of AI, FormX will identify and extract relevant data from your bank statements and convert them into structured data.

Step 3.

Download Your Excel, CSV, or JSON file

Within a few seconds, you can download your converted table and data in Excel, CSV, or JSON file formats.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What Data Can I Extract Using This PDF Bank Statement Converter?

FormX can extract all data needed for businesses to expedite various application processes. These extraction items include but are not limited to the name and address of account owner, open and close balances, issue date of the statement, all transactions, and more.

What Types of Bank Statements Can Be Converted?

FormX can extract data from all kinds of bank statements with various layouts and formats as it is not a template-based solution. Training a new extractor is also simple and requires as little as one sample image. Sign up for a free trial to see how simple it is to automate bank statement data extraction.

How Does FormX Convert PDF Bank Statement to Excel, CSV, or JSON?

FormX leverages different AI technologies, such as OCR, Machine Learning, Large Language Models like GPT-4, etc., to do more than just converting images of bank statements into machine-encoded texts. It can understand the content of the bank statements, identify relevant data fields, and return them in structured data formats like Excel, CSV, or JSON, which can be directly used by other systems or applications for workflow automation or data analysis.

Is the Extracted Data Safe With FormX?

Certainly. Bank statement contains financial and personal data that should only be accessible to authorized parties. FormX does not use or store the extracted data in any permanent storage. Read our data privacy policy for more.

Is The Online PDF Bank Statement Converter Free to Use?

Yes, this PDF bank statement convert is free to use.

If you wish to integrate automated bank statement data extraction with other applications, you can sign up for a free trial of FormX or contact us to learn more about how FormX can be of help to your business.

FormX offers a more advanced solution with pre-built extraction models, or extractor, including receipt, bank statement, invoice, and more. You can also build your own custom extractor with as little as one sample.

Make Your Image to Excel Conversion Intelligent and Automated with FormX

Replace manual data entry with FormX to automate data extraction and improve productivity by 10 times.
Our proprietary image pre-processing and OCR result post-processing ensure a 92% extraction accuracy, minimizing the need for human intervention.
On average, businesses can realize the return on investment (ROI) of business automation within 6 months after implementing