Simplified and Automated Workflow for Insurance Companies

Handling documents in the insurance industry can be complex and require heightened security measures. offers a secure and streamlined solution for handling and extracting data from sensitive documents such as IDs and health reports.
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Enhanced Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Protection for Insurance

With's PII detection module, all information containing PII undergoes additional scrutiny and approval before being shared with third parties.

PII Protection Module's PII protection module safeguards sensitive information such as names, email addresses, postal addresses, ID numbers, and mobile numbers.
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Deploy to Drive Success in Your Insurance Business

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Health Rewards
Enable users to submit their vaccine records or health check reports for analysis and personalized advice through a self-service platform.
Asset Portfolio Analysis
Leverage to analyze users' current financial portfolio reports and provide tailored suggestions for financial planning.
Outpatient Claim
Automate the outpatient claim process with intelligent document extraction, streamlining the claims workflow.