Human Resources

Automate Resume Parsing and Employee Data Input

Simplify your HR processes with, an advanced AI-powered solution designed to automate the input process for resumes and employee information. From resume parsing to certificate verification, streamlines HR tasks, saving time and ensuring data accuracy.
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Effortless Resume Parsing and Data Input leverages OCR + AI to automatically extract relevant information from resumes, such as contact details, work experience, education history, and skills. Say goodbye to manual data entry and let handle the heavy lifting.

Certificate Verification and Cross-Checking

With, you can verify the authenticity of certificates and cross-check the information provided in resumes. compares the data extracted from resumes with the actual certificate records, ensuring accuracy and detecting any discrepancies.
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Deploy to Drive Success in Your Insurance Business

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Seamless HR System Integration
Make faster and more informed medical decisions.
Streamlined Candidate Evaluation
Quickly review and compare candidate profiles, enabling informed decisions and accelerating the hiring process.
Improve HR Efficiency and Accuracy
Eliminate manual errors and reduce administrative burden with HR professionals can focus on strategic initiatives, improving overall efficiency and accuracy in HR operations.