Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) entails utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Model (LLM) to automate the extraction, understanding, and management of information from varied and unstructured document formats, transforming it into actionable data.
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Benefits of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Automate your business processes with our IDP solution to enhance operational efficiency, freeing you from manual work and reducing human errors.
Replace manual data entry with FormX to automate data extraction and improve productivity by 10 times.
Our proprietary image pre-processing and OCR result post-processing ensure a 92% extraction accuracy, minimizing the need for human intervention.
On average, businesses can realize the return on investment (ROI) of business automation within 6 months after implementing

How does Intelligent Document Processing work?

Extract unstructured data from any document format and transform it into actionable information.
Get the document ready for processing (fixing scans, removing noise)
Figure out what kind of document it is (invoice, email, etc.)
Data Extraction
Extract the important details from the document (and layout.)
Post-processing script + RPA integration

See how, the API-first IDP, can connect to 3rd-party RPA with JSON format

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80% of business data remains unstructured and underserved

Managing, analyzing, and leveraging unstructured data in a meaningful way has been a long-standing challenge for enterprises. Unlike structured data, unstructured data requires specialized approaches to effectively handle and derive value from it.
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