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Identity Document OCR

Convert ID documents into ready-to-use structured data with artificial intelligence (AI) to save time for your customers and employees.
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Automate ID Scanning and Processing with FormX

Improve Efficiency & Onboarding Experience
Eliminate manual data entry with Identity Document OCR to provide better onboarding experience and improve operational efficiency.
Improve Efficiency & Onboarding Experience
Automate ID data extraction with our proprietary technologies to eliminate human errors and increase data accuracy.
Decrease Costs of Manual Data Entry
Replace manual data entry with Identity Document OCR to reduce unnecessary costs.

Automate Address Proof Data Extraction to:

Don't miss out on the field-proven solution that offers. Experience a return on investment in just three months.
Effortless API Integration
Our API-based data extraction solution can be easily integrated with all kinds of apps and software. Relevant personal information from ID documents is extracted and returned in JSON format for further processing.
Privacy & Security
Protected by industry-leading security, FormX will not use or store any images or the extracted personal information to ensure data security.
Pre-configured Data Extraction Model with High Accuracy
We have pre-configured and trained our ID data extraction model for you to extract relevant information from ID documents with just a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Identity Document OCR
How does FormX’s Identity Document OCR work?

Our solution combines the power of OCR and other AI technologies to convert images of scanned ID documents, such as ID cards, passports, and driver's license, into usable data formats like JSON or CSV. It can be easily integrated with other software or applications so that end users only have to upload images of their documents during the application or verification process.

What does the result look like?

Different from other OCR software that extracts data aimlessly, FormX can identify and extract relevant information from identity documents as key-value pairs and return a development-friendly format (i.e. JSON) or a csv file.

What types of identity documents can FormX extract data from?

FormX can extract data from all kinds of identity documents. These include but are not limited to, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan ID cards, passports, work pass / permits, driver's license, and more.

What information can I extract from these ID documents?

The available extraction items depend on the types of ID documents. Some common extracted items include first name, last name, gender, ID document number, address, date of birth, date of issue, expiry date, nationality, issuing country, MRZ code, personal identification number, and more.

Is the identity document data extraction secure?

Security is paramount when it comes to scanning identity documents as they usually contain important information that can be used to install ransomware, steal data, or even commit fraud. To protect your data, FormX will not use your documents or the extracted data in any way. Any processed images or files for asynchronized API calls aren’t stored by FormX in any way.