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Convert your PDF files to CSV for free online.

How to Convert Your PDF Files Into JSON?

Step 1.

Upload PDF Files

Select your PDF files to upload or simply drag and drop you PDF file to the upload box.

Step 2.

Convert PDF to CSV

FormX will then extract the data based on the content of your PDF files and return the results in CSV.

Step 3.

Download CSV File

Download your CSV file that can be processed directly by all kinds of applications.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Convert PDF to CSV?

Converting PDF files to CSV using FormX only takes three steps.

  • Step 1. Upload your PDF files
  • Step 2. Wait for FormX to convert your PDF files into CSV.
  • Step 3. Download the CSV outputs.
The CSV file can then be uploaded to various applications, such as Excel, Google Sheets, Quickbooks, Xero, and more, for you to process the extracted data. For more specific use case, contact our expert to see how FormX can help you automate converting your PDF files to CSV or sign up for a free trial.
Why Convert PDF to CSV?

Portable Document File (PDF) is often used to store and transfer information between or within organizations since it can preserve the original formatting and is universally accessible. However, PDF isn't an structured document format, making it very difficult to extract specific data for further processing or automation.

A comma-separated value (CSV) file, on the other hand, stores the data in a tabular format. Each line of the file is a data record and the fields of each record are separated by commas. This allows most spreadsheet or accounting programs to recognize CSV files and perform various tasks on the extracted data.

Converting PDF to CSV then allows businesses to extract valuable data from PDF files and transform it into a format that is more much manageable and compatible with different software applications for further processing or analysis.

Is the Extracted Data Safe With FormX?

Rest assured that all your the extracted data will not be used or stored in any permanent storage by FormX in any way. We understand that many of the processed PDF files may contain personal or confidential data. Read our data privacy policy for more.

Is This PDF to CSV Tool Free to Use?

Yes, this PDF to CSV converter is free to use.

Aside from the free tool, FormX also offers a more advanced solution with pre-built extraction models, or extractor, including receipt, bank statement, invoice, and more. You can also build your own custom extractor with as little as one sample as FormX is powered by machine learning and large language model like GPT-4.

Sign up for a free trial or contact us to learn more about our Intelligent Document Processing solution.

Make Your PDF to CSV Conversion Intelligent and Automated with FormX

Replace manual data entry with FormX to automate data extraction and improve productivity by 10 times.
Our proprietary image pre-processing and OCR result post-processing ensure a 92% extraction accuracy, minimizing the need for human intervention.
On average, businesses can realize the return on investment (ROI) of business automation within 6 months after implementing FormX.ai.