Business Certificates

Extract from Certificates

Digitalize and extract details from certificates
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Digitalize Images to structured JSON can extract data such as license number and company name from certificate and license documents. Our OCR technology and machine learning algorithm enable your apps to fill forms by scanning or uploading images to provide a smooth user experience. Our API supports the following documents out of the box:
  • Business Registration (BR)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  • Industry Licenses (e.g. Food Business, Hawkers, Travel Agency)

Why Use FormX’s Business Certificate OCR?

Effortless API Integration
Easily integrate with mobile and web apps with the API JSON result
Low/No-code Set Up
Your extractors can be configured and tested without coding using FormX's user-friendly web portal
Mobile Phone Ready
Document photos are passed through series of optimizations to boost extraction accuracy in mobile device cameras

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