FormX Product Update - Extraction API v2

Learn more about FormX’s Extraction v2 that’s more than just a restructure of API response but a redesign that brings a simpler and more consistent experience for you.

Published on
September 5, 2023

Introducing Extraction API v2!

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Extraction API v2, a powerful upgrade that takes your FormX experience to the next level!

With a complete redesign and enhanced functionality, the new API is meticulously crafted to offer you a more intuitive and consistent experience when accessing the various features of FormX. Let’s dive in!

🔑 Simplified Key-Value Object: To save you from digging through complex structures of API responses, Extraction API v2 introduces a sleek key-value object that grants you effortless access to all the essential data fields within your documents.

As you can see, the inconsistent shape and structure of the API response is replaced with a simple key-value structure for simpler data extraction and handling.

🌐 Consistency Across Features: Accessing different features of FormX should feel like a breeze. Now, every approach or model for extraction will consistently present a unified format in the API response.

📄 Multipage by Default: Having a hard time processing multi-page PDFs? No sweat! Extraction API v2 seamlessly handles multi-page PDFs by default, ensuring consistent data extraction whether your content spans a single page or multiple pages.

📊 Report Usage in API Response: Extraction API v2 doesn't stop at providing data – it goes a step further by offering insights. Each API call now includes a report on page usage, keeping you informed about how the API is utilized within your applications.

Ready to dive in? Explore the brand-new Extraction API v2 by checking out our comprehensive API Reference at

Unleash the true potential of your documents with FormX like never before. To make things even easier, we've prepared a Postman collection that you can use for quick reference and testing.

Access the Postman collection here

Or, contact us to learn more about how the new Extraction API can be seamlessly integrated with your existing workflow!

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