FormX Product Update - Invoice, Bank Statement, Bill of Lading Extractors Now Live!

Check out our three new extractors, namely invoice, bank statement, and bill of lading, to see how you can automate processing of these documents without writing a single line of code.

Published on
June 2, 2023

Data extraction is often the beginning of various automation process. To help our users automate more processes, we’ve released three new extractors, namely an improved version of invoice, bank statement, and bill of lading extractors.

Discover what you can extract from these documents below!

New Invoice Extractor!

We’ve worked on a new invoice extractor with higher accuracy and more auto extraction items.

When creating a new extractor, click on the “Invoice - New Model (Preview)” one. You’ll then see a list of auto extraction items.

After selecting the auto extraction items you want to extract, you can then test out the extractor by uploading sample invoice images or PDF files.

Automatically Extract Data from Bank Statement

The financial sector often requires bank statements for different application processes. Applicants are often asked to present bank statement when they open new bank accounts, apply for loans, etc. FormX now provides a pre-trained bank statement extractor with common auto extraction items needed for address verification, assessment of financial stability, and more.

You can upload some samples to check the results.

Automate Data Extraction from Bill of Lading

A bill of lading is a legal document issued by a transportation company, or carrier, to a shipper with details about the shipments such as bill of lading number, information about the shipper, details about the freight, and information about the consignee.

You can check the ones that you wish to automatically extract and upload samples to test out the extractor.

Sign up for a free trial or contact us to tell us more about what kinds of documents from which you would like to extract data and see how FormX can help you do it with minimal efforts.

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