FormX Product Update - Revamped UI & Simplified Data Extraction from Multi-page PDFs

FormX has a new UI to make automatic data extraction even smoother; furthermore, we now support extracting data from PDFs with multiple pages or even several documents stored in a single page within a PDF.

Published on
December 6, 2022

Easier Onboarding & Navigation with Our New UI

In order to allow our users to get familiar with and navigate around FormX smoothly, we’ve revamped our UI to deliver a fresher look and frictionless user experience.

Now, you can easily distinguish between your pre-built and custom extractors with the icons

Moreover, when you’re creating new extractors, you can now easily determine what kinds of extractors you would like to create with clearer instructions and descriptions.

Extracting Data from Multi-page PDF with Multiple Documents on Each Page

PDFs containing images of documents come in different forms. Some might store a single document per page and some might come with several documents per page. Now, you no longer have to separate those images into different pages.

You simply have to choose “PDF file contains multiple pages and multiple documents on each page” as you configure your extractor.

FormX will then extract data from each document, whether there are several documents within the same page or they are stored in different pages. You can click on the arrow button on the side to view the result of each document.

To view the corresponsing JSON output, you can click on “Jump to JSON” and FormX will take you to the JSON output of that specific document.

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