Receipt Scanning SDK

Provide a frictionless customer experience with guided receipt scanning and real-time data extraction using FormX’s mobile SDK.

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Dazzle Users with Guided Receipt Scanning

Users are guided with highlighted borders to properly frame the receipts during scanning on their mobile devices.

Anyone can easily take the perfect receipt image with the help from FormX, delivering seamless customer experience.

No More Data Entry for Your Users

Users no longer have to enter information from the receipts on your apps.

FormX will automatically extract relevant data from the receipts for users to automatically accumulate loyalty point, create a new expense entry, etc., offering a frictionless experience for your users.

Keep Your Customers Engaged and Deliver Seamless Experience with FormX’s Receipt Scanning SDK

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Build Customer Loyalty with Receipt Scanning SDK

Improve User Experience

Our mobile SDK helps your users to properly capture the receipts and return the results within seconds, allowing you deliver frictionless user experience.

Industry-Leading Security

FormX runs on Google Cloud Platform, one of the leading cloud service providers, to ensure data security and prevent customer lo

90%+ Accuracy

FormX can achieve 90%+ accuracy of data extraction regardless of the receipts’ layouts, freeing your users from manual review of the extracted results.

See How Businesses Are Using Our Receipt Scanning Mobile SDK
Expense Management App
Shorten your time to market and roll out your expense management app with receipt scanning & processing SDK. Users can easily keep track of their expenses by taking photos of their receipts using their mobile phones.
Loyalty Program App
Customers of several major shopping malls in Hong Kong and China can easily earn loyalty points or rewards by taking pictures of their receipts, from which FormX will obtain information like shop name, date, and total amount, to the designated mobile app.
And More
Businesses across various industries have benefited from using FormX’s mobile receipt scanning SDK to make real-time receipt scanning and data extraction easy.

Equip Your Mobile Apps with Receipt Scanning & Data Extraction Using Our SDKs!

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