Receipt OCR API

Automate and expedite receipt data entry with FormX to skyrocket productivity, reduce costs, and eliminate human errors

Why Choose FormX's Receipt OCR API

Real-time Receipt Scanning & Data Extraction

Set up your receipt OCR API within 30 seconds. It takes only up to 8 seconds to see your results.

Excellent Accuracy

Unique models of image pre-processing & OCR result post-processing enable our receipt OCR API to achieve 90% accuracy.

Industry-leading Security

FormX will not store any processed images and our services run on Google Cloud Platform, one of the leading cloud service providers to ensure data security.

Easy Customization

You can set up your own extractor to specify what receipt fields / items you want to automatically extract and even create custom extraction fields.

True Scalability with SaaS

You pay for what you use. Scale up with FormX as your demand for receipt scanning and data extraction grows.

Simple API Integration

Effortlessly integrate our receipt OCR API with any mobile or web apps to optimize your receipt processing workflow.

Intuitive User Interface

Simple drag & drop, clear instructions and setting interface to provide smooth user experience.

Regular Updates

FormX performs bi-weekly updates to constantly improve our services.

Extracting All Receipts Fields that You Need

FormX’s Receipt OCR API not only allows you to create custom extraction items but also comes with a set of auto extraction items such as:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Receipt Number
  • Subtotal
  • Total Amount
  • Product Information:
  • Name
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • Amount

Automate Receipt Scanning & Data Extraction Now!

Use Cases
Finance & Accounting
Our receipt OCR API can scan receipt images, extract each line item, and convert it to structured data that can be used directly by your accounting systems, automating your finance & expense management.
Loyalty & Rewards Program
Customers of several major shopping malls in Hong Kong and China can easily earn loyalty points or rewards by uploading images of their receipts, from which FormX will obtain information like shop name, date, and total amount, to the designated mobile app.
Data Analysis
Retailers can capture real-time receipt data from consumers without manual data entry to analyze consumer behavior and better plan for furture marketing campaigns.
And More
Businesses across various industries have benefited from using FormX’s receipt OCR API to automate receipt scanning and processing. Learn more about how to extract receipt data with OCR, regex, and AI.

Easily Digitize Receipt with FormX’s Receipt OCR API

Step 1. Create Your Receipt Extractor

On the web portal, you can create your own receipt extractor and specify what items, such as date, subtotal, total amount, product info / line items, etc., you wish to extract.

Step 2. Upload the receipt to test & verify

After you create your extractor, you can upload a sample receipt image and check the JSON output to verify the results.

Step 3. Integrate FormX with your systems or use the Desktop APP

Afterwards, you can integrate your receipt extractor with your apps or use our Desktop APP for batch processing. Instructions can be found in our documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Receipt OCR API

What is receipt OCR API and how does it work?

Receipt OCR API of FormX uses powerful OCR engines to recognize and extract important data from receipt images or files. It does not simply help businesses digitize receipt but more importantly convert unstructured texts to structured data pairs in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format, which is integrable with other systems for further uses.

Can FormX scan and extract line items on receipts?

Yes, our receipt OCR API is capable of extracting line items to show the name, amount, quantity, and unit price of each line item or product.

Can FormX be integrated with other systems for accounting or robotic process automation (RPA)?

Definitely. FormX can be easily integrated with different systems or software, including accounting or ERP software, to automate data entry. Furthermore, FormX can also be integrated with the UiPath workflow to bring our advanced extraction models into your robot process.

What are the pricing plans of FormX?

FormX provides free trial for users to test out our features and process the first 100 pages for free. For monthly subscription, our Starter plan costs USD $299 / month, allowing you to process up to 2,000 pages. For enterprises with more documents to process, you may contact our team for more detailed discussion.

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