ID Scanning Solution

Extract information from identity documents and transform it into ready-to-use structured data with artificial intelligence (AI)

FormX Automates Identity Info Extraction for You To...

Improve Operational Efficiency

No more manual entries. Simply upload your identity documents and FormX will extract the data for you within a few minutes or even seconds.

Reduce Human Errors

Manual identity data entry is prone to errors, especially when employees get bored with repetitive tasks. With FormX, they simply have to upload the identity files and verify the outputs.

Decrease Costs of Manual Data Entry

Automating ID info entry allows you to reduce labor costs and avoid other costs derived from human errors.

Scanning All Kinds of Identity Documents

Including but not limited to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore identity documents.
New identity template can be generated within a date upon request.

ID Card


Work Pass

And more

Speed Up Application & Verification Process Across Industries

Public Sector

The HK Government rolled out the Consumption Voucher Scheme to accelerate local economic recovery. FormX was incorporated into the registration website to help recognize the old and new Smart ID Cards, confirm whether the image is clear and extract all the sufficient information to speed up the application process.


Various financial institutions have incorporated FormX for clients to upload different identity documents during the application or verification process and extraction information from them, eliminating the need to manually input all the information to shorten the process.

Telecommunication & More

By using FormX’s identity docucment scanner, telecommunication service providers allow new clients to easily provide their information by sending images of their IDs, passports, and more.

Why Choose FormX’s Identity Scanning Solution?

Effortless API Integration

FormX is a business- and developer-friendly solution that can be effortlessly integrated to any software as its data extraction is API-based where the results are returned in JSON format.

User-friendly Web Portal

With intuitive instructions, FormX can be a low or no-code platform. Users can manage parsing configurations, testing out data extraction or features, and accessing integration materials on our portal.

Possible to Scan with Mobile Phone

Photos of identity documents are parsed through a set of optimization processes to boost the extraction accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Identity Scanning Solution

How does FormX’s identity information extraction work?

Users simply have to upload a copies of identity documents, specify the items they would like to extract, and FormX will return the information in JSON format, which is ready to be integrated with other applications.

How does the result look like?

Different from other OCR software that simply extracts data aimlessly, FormX can obtain information from identity documents and return a development-friendly format (i.e. JSON) or even a csv file for different user scenarios.

What types of ID documents are supported?

Supported identity docuemnts include, but are not limited to, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Taiwan identity cards, passports, work pass / permits, and more. Setting up new format of ID documents is quite easy and only takes up to a day upon request.

Is the ID scanning process secure?

Security is paramount when it comes to scanning identity documents as they usually contain important information that can be used to install ransomware, steal data, or even commit fraud. To protect your data, FormX will not use your documents or the extracted data in any way. Any processed images or files for aynchronized API calls aren’t stored by FormX in any way.

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