Fully Automate Data Input

Recognize address proof documents, verify them and extract data

Reduce Manual work can help you reduce manual work in verifying and inputting address proof. The API can identify different types of residential address document and extract relevant information such as names and address automatically. Common documents include:

  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Phone bills

Effortless API Integration

Easily integrate with mobile and web apps with the API JSON result

Low/No-code Set Up

Your forms can be configured and tested without coding using FormX's user-friendly web portal

Mobile Phone Ready

Document photos are passed through series of optimizations to boost extraction accuracy in mobile device cameras

Extract data from these documents
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Purchase Orders
Bank Statements
Contracts & Agreements
HR Forms & Applications
Shipping Orders & Delivery Notes
Loyalty Members Applications
Annual Reports
Business Certificates
Personnel Licenses
And much more!