FormX Product Update - Now Supports Processing Data in Singapore!

FormX's new feature allows users to select their server location for data processing and data storage to comply with local data r

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May 28, 2024
FormX Product Update - Now Supports Processing Data in Singapore!

Choose Your Server Locations for Document Processing & Data Storage to Comply with Data Requirements

All kinds of businesses have to process a significant amount of documents, such as receipts, ID documents, proof of address, invoice, etc., on a daily basis. The data extracted from the documents may contain confidential information of business partners or clients that should not be disclosed to other parties. Protecting our users’ data is therefore one of our top priorities.

In order to help you comply with local data protection laws, we’re releasing a feature that allows you to select Taiwan or Singapore as your server location while creating a team so that your data will be processed and stored in the desired location.

While you’re creating a new team for collaboration, you will see that there’s a field called “Server Location.” 

You can then select where you want to process your documents and store the extracted data.

Note that:

  • The region cannot be changed after creating a team
  • When switching between teams, you’re also changing the service region. 
  • All forms and forms groups created under in a specific region are only accessible in that region
  • Since billing is linked to an individual team account, each invoice will only correspond to one team in one region. 

If you need your server to be located in other regions, kindly contact us for more information.