Driving License OCR

Accelerate customer onboarding and identity verification with intelligent data extraction from driving license.

Automate Data Extraction with Driving License OCR

Data extraction from driving license is challenging since its template or format varies by country and even by state. Moreover, these images of driving license come to you through different sources, in different formats and conditions. FormX can process all kinds of driving licenses with high accuracy and minimal processing time.

>90% Extraction Accuracy

Our intelligent solution is powered by unique pre-processing models and machine learning, enabling us to achieve >90% accuracy.

Real-time Data Extraction

Pre-trained driving license OCR extractor requires minimal setup and it takes only up to 8 seconds to see your extraction results.

Industry-leading Security

FormX runs on Google Cloud Platform, one of the leading cloud service providers, to ensure data security and all processed images will not be used or stored by FormX.

Intuitive User Interface

Simple drag & drop, clear instructions and setting interface to provide smooth user experience.

Simple API Integration

Our driving license OCR can be easily integrated with all kinds of apps or software via API, making it both developer- and business-friendly.

True Scalability with SaaS

You pay for what you use. Scale up or down based on how many driving licenses you have to process.

What Fields Can Be Extracted From Driving License?

These are some of the common extracted data fields of driving license. You can easily add or remove any fields based on your use case.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Expiry date
  • Date of birth
  • Portrait
  • Document number
  • License type
  • Conditions
  • Address

3 Steps to Convert Driver License to Structured Data

Step 1. Create Your Driving License OCR Extractor

On the web portal, select "Government ID / Passport" when you create your driving license OCR extractor.

Step 2. Upload driving licenses to test & verify

After creating your driving license OCR extractor, you can upload a sample image of any driving license to test the accuracy of the extractor.

Step 3. Integrate FormX with your software or use the Desktop App

Once you're satisfied with the result, you can then integrate your driving license OCR with your apps or use our Desktop App, which can be found in the "Extract" tab, for batch processing. Instructions can be found in our documentation.

Make Driving License Processing Intelligent with FormX

Handle all kinds of driving licenses with a single solution.

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Integrate Driving License OCR into...

When asked to present any identity document during onboarding, driving license is one of the most commonly submitted one. See how people make use of our driving license OCR.

KYC Automation

Accelerate your KYC processes by automate processing of driving license to prevent identity theft, money laundering, and financial fraud.

Customer Onboarding

Deliver smooth and secure customer onboarding experience by allowing them to simply upload images of their driving license and the onboarding form will be populated with the extracted data.

Data Entry Automation

Boost operational efficiency and maximize data accuracy by replacing manual data entry with intelligent driving license OCR.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Driving License OCR

How much does extracting data from driving license cost?

The cost of extraction depends on your usage. We offer a free trial that allows you to process the first 100 pages for free. For more information, check out our pricing page or contact us directly!

How does the result look like?

Different from other OCR software that extracts data aimlessly, FormX utilizes OCR and machine learning to extract information from driving license as key-value pairs and return a development-friendly format (i.e. JSON) or a csv file that can be directly imported into different applications for further analysis or processing.

What kinds of driving license can FormX process?

Since it is powered by machine learning and large language models like GPT-4, FormX can process all kinds of driving license. Users can use our driving license OCR or simply train their new driving license extractors with as little as one sample image. Our extractors will then be able to automatically extract the data fields that you wish to extract. You can also combine different kinds of extractors to process various driving licenses at the same time.

Is the driving license OCR API secure?

Driving license contains sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and we understand that security is one of the main concerns when looking for data extraction solutions. Rest assured that all the extracted data will not be used or stored by FormX in any way and our services are run on Google Cloud Platform, one of the top cloud service provider, to ensure data security.

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