Case Studies
Li Ka Shing Foundation "Instant Relief Fund"
Extract Business Data From Official Documents
This charity scheme aimed to provide financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who were going through a difficult time in Hong Kong. More than 45,000 applications were submitted and comfortably handled by an online registration system, where played an integral part.
Applicants could simply take photos of their licenses and documents including Business Registration, Hawker and Food Licenses, then had the relative/select parts of the application form automatically filled using FormX.
major Shopping malls
Boost Customer Loyalty via Shopping Receipts
FormX worked with several major shopping malls in Hong Kong to set up and boost their customer loyalty programs. FormX is used to obtain information such as shop name, address, date, and total amount from shopping receipts, which are then used for the malls’ customer loyalty program. To earn points, a customer only has to snap a photo of a receipt and upload it via the designated mobile app.
Help Elderly Caregiver Service
SparkleHealth has an elderly caregiver mobile application in Hong Kong where its appointment-tracking feature is fully automated by FormX. A user can take a photo of a doctor appointment slip and have the details synchronized to an in-app calendar.
These slips are usually printed in Chinese, which can be tricky for non-native maids or caretakers to understand. With FormX parsing the information, they can just take a photo and let the relatives of the elderly easily manage the appointments. This significantly saves them time from manually keying in each visit schedule.
Link reit
Streamline Parking Lot Membership
Link REIT, one of the real estate giants in Asia, used FormX to collect information from vehicles at their parking lots. Once a vehicle owner consents, a LINK REIT staff would proceed to scan the vehicle licence in the vehicle’s windshield to gather related information and create a membership account.
WilSon Parking
Improve Redemption Program Using Shopping Receipts
FormX assisted Wilson Parking, one of the largest car park management companies, to automate the process of submitting and scanning shopping receipts. After scanning the receipts, the total amount and date are extracted, which are then processed for Wilson Parking’s customer loyalty redemption program.